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A Word from the Immediate Past Editor-in-Chief

By: Tasnima Nabi, Co-Copy Editor [Content-focused]

Dear Readers,

When I received Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Rho Chi Post in my inbox during my sophomore year, I knew that I wanted to contribute in every way possible. The Rho Chi Post has been the best experience throughout my education at St. John’s University.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our faculty advisor, Dr. S. William Zito. His enthusiasm and dedication to the newsletter since day one has always inspired each editor to be innovative, which has led us to accomplish many milestones. His genuine care and continued support is what makes the Rho Chi Post an even greater success.

I would like to thank Dr. Mohammad Rattu, one of the founders of the Rho Chi Post, and our website administrator. Dr. Rattu is always working closely with us on making sure the website is running smoothly 24/7, and his unfaltering commitment to the team has ensured that the Rho Chi Post succeeds on a national level.

I thank our faculty editors and the St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences administration for their continued support and encouragement. I thank our authors, who range from students at pharmacy programs across the nation, to pharmacy residents at prestigious programs, and to renowned practicing pharmacists. It is your willingness to contribute to the growing minds in pharmacy that allows the Rho Chi Post to be relatable and resourceful.

I would like to thank the editorial team for being some of the brightest and passionate students I have had the opportunity of working with. Our outreach has grown exponentially, and it is collaborative hard work that allows us to publish high-quality content on a monthly basis.

Last, and certainly not least, I would like to thank you, our readers. It is the pursuit of knowledge, and an appreciation for your peers and profession that has paved the path for the Rho Chi Post. Thank you for supporting us, for reaching out to us, and for being engaged. I hope you will continue to read, become involved, and spread the word!


Yours truly,

Tasnima Nabi

Co-Copy Editor [Content-focused]


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