Author Guidelines

[Updated 6-24-2017]

Sections that require content:

News/Politics: Review articles about new drugs (with minimal or no clinical trial information), non-biased legislative summaries, etc. Primary purpose is to briefly provide current information to readers. Sources may include FDA press releases, newspaper articles, etc.

Events: Summaries and reports of pharmacy-related events and activities. May include guest speaker events, community service activities by organizations on campus, national organization meetings, as well as photography from the event.

Clinical articles: Lengthier and more detailed, containing clinically relevant information from trials. Must include original clinical trial specifics, such as primary endpoints, inclusion/exclusion criteria, interventions, and results (p-values and confidence intervals). Require no less than seven sources, which should include at least two peer-reviewed, PubMed-accessible, journal articles.

Professor Spotlight: Interview articles featuring a faculty member affiliated with the school of pharmacy exhibiting their experiences, insights, and opinions on past and present pharmacy practice. Interviewer will have creative freedom, but questions asked must be relevant, substantial, and appropriate. Any offensive or damaging writing will not be published.

Pharmacy Pearls: Brief summaries on a certain disease state, including basic background information, such as definitions, presentation and etiology. Bulk of article must focus on treatment options, especially pharmacological, and any relevant patient education. Use of treatment guidelines as a reference is highly recommended.

Advice/Opinions: May relate to past rotation experiences, career and professional development, healthcare legislation, policy changes, etc. May also submit a non-biased article on a debatable issue, presenting both views with strong evidence. While this article type permits leeway in writing, offensive or damaging writing will not be published.

Puzzles: Crosswords, word searches, matching, etc. relating to medications and/or pharmacy practice.

General Article Information:

  • Articles need not be exclusive to the Rho Chi Post, but we prefer original contributions.
  • Microsoft Word format is preferred. You do not need to double-space your text.
  • Please order your articles as follows:
  • * Title
  • * Author(s) with titles, affiliations, and contact information
  • * Body text. Include tables and figures within the text; these must be referenced or we will immediately reject your submission.
  • * References
  • You MUST follow the AMA style for references. Please cite in a numerical sequence and do NOT use automatic numbering / footnotes / Endnotes. A quick guide is available here: . Our AMA citation generator is available here: know it can get confusing, so if you have any questions or need any help using AMA criteria, feel free to contact us.
  • Our target audience is student pharmacists and pharmacists (faculty members and administrators).

References / Sources

For your convenience, we have listed below some recommended and not-recommended sources. Remember, if you are a St. John’s University student, full-text journal articles and databases can be accessed via St. John’s Central’s Library portal ( We encourage you to use the most updated information and current guidelines where appropriate. Please use your own discretion and professional judgment when using sources apart from what we have listed below. Thanks! – The Rho Chi Post Team

Use Do NOT Use
Reputable News

  • Medscape

Databases for Published Studies / Reviews / Articles

Drug-Specific Information

  • Dynamed
  • Facts and Comparisons
  • LexiComp
  • Micromedex
  • UptoDate

Online Textbooks

  • AccessMedicine
  • AccessPharmacy

Natural Medicine

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For security reasons, you will be asked to register an account prior to submitting an article. If you experience any difficulties with this process, send an email to [email protected]. Please note: while we accepted articles via email in the past, we now prefer this new method.

All questions should be directed to [email protected]