Citing an Article

Has your article been published in an issue of the Rho Chi Post? If so, congratulations!

Here is a suggested format for citing / referencing your work:
[Author(s)]. [Article Title]. Rho Chi Post. [Year and Month Published]. [Volume]([Issue]):[Pages].

Here are some example citations:
Seldin A, Rafailov M. Coffeehouse Chats. Rho Chi Post. 2013 Jun. 2(9):6-9.
Janak S. Purple Glove Syndrome. Rho Chi Post. 2013 May. 2(8):16-17.
Piracha F. Flu Season 2012-2013: Rising Opportunities for Pharmacists. Rho Chi Post. 2013 Apr. 2(7):23-25.