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2016 Rho Chi Induction

By: Jack (Hongkai) Bao, Staff Editor & Sang Hyo Kim, Section Editor (Puzzles)

In an atmosphere populated with restless pharmacy students, bright pink undertones illuminated and calmed the room. Students and faculty of great scholastic achievement filled tables throughout the venue and sat chatting away. As more attendees arrived to join their anxious colleagues, the Executive Board of Rho Chi congregated and began to make preparations.

This was the Rho Chi Society Induction Ceremony of January 20, 2016 held, at Verdi’s of Whitestone. This year, 53 students were inducted, including forty-two 4th year students, six 5th year students, one 6th year student, and five Ph.D students. The special night began with an address by Michael Bosco, the current president of the Rho Chi Society. He recalled a younger time as a freshman, when Dr. Robert Mangione introduced the idea of a pharmacy honor society. “There’s no way I’ll be a part of this,” he thought. But less than four years later, Michael would go on to be inducted as a member and become the president of the St. John’s chapter. “Life has a way of surprising you,” he said. For many, joining the Rho Chi Society was a goal sought after since the first day of pharmacy school, but for others, this induction may have been an unexpected celebration, rewarding their dedication and resolve. In similar ways, all 53 inductees were gathered together as a result of their unparalleled curiosity about the profession of pharmacy. Michael encouraged us to become leaders and use the knowledge and skills we have gained to inspire others.

The following speaker was Dean Digate of the St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Dr. Digate told us to work hard and reminded us that with pharmacy as a profession, there are many diverse paths students can pursue. Short and sweet, Dr. Digate passed along the keynote address to Dr. John A Pieper, who is the president of St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Honored by having Dr. Pieper, who travelled all the way to New York for the induction, everyone listened attentively. Dr. Pieper’s speech emphasized the global expansion of the pharmacy profession. There are many international students across the world who are studying pharmacy, and he mentioned that the United States is implementing and facilitating ways to allow international students to pursue their careers in the States. Dr. Pieper proudly stated that pharmacy is most advanced in America, and pharmacists can truly extend their knowledge to improve patients’ quality of life. As future pharmacists, we must find more ways to expand our profession and elevate it to the highest level.

With many inspiring words and smiles, the Rho Chi induction was a success. The new Rho Chi members will work hard for the 2016 year. Members will continue to implement the values of Rho Chi and will await the next inductee class for next year. Much work remains to be done, but with such bright characters, a positive future for Rho Chi lies ahead.


Messages from the Incoming Eboard

Ajla Dupljak, President:

I would like to congratulate all the new members on their induction into the distinguished Rho Chi Society. I am both honored and grateful for this opportunity to serve as president and look forward to collaborating with my fellow executive board members in an effort to make this upcoming year full of great opportunities and experiences for all of our Rho Chi members.


Karen Lin, Vice President:

There are no words to express the great honor I received as a Rho Chi inductee. I would like to thank all my professors, friends and family for their unwavering support. Moving forward as the Vice President, I plan to bring awareness to the countless opportunities we can pursue in pharmacy. I believe this is a field that is constantly changing and overflowing with new discoveries. I will continue to uphold the mission and the vision of The Rho Chi Society by promoting the importance of pharmacists in healthcare and the impact our knowledge provides. It is my goal to advocate for events and opportunities within St. John’s University that can cultivate and shape us to become the best professionals we can all be. Let’s move forward together to make this an amazing year!


Rafi Reyasat, Treasurer:

Ever since I heard about the Rho Chi Honor Society back in freshmen year, it was always a goal of mine to become a part of it one day. I am now honored to be a part of what is arguably the most prestigious society in pharmacy. As treasurer, it is my goal to not only utilize our current budget to its fullest but also, to increase it to help the future E-Boards to come. As a collective E-Board, we want to inspire pharmacy students, especially those who are younger to strive for academic excellence in pharmacy. By doing so, they too can one day be part of an amazing induction ceremony into Rho Chi like we just were.


Bianca Chiu, Secretary:

It is a huge honor to be inducted as a member of Rho Chi. It is with great privilege that I am given the opportunity to push forth and expand upon Rho Chi’s mission of academic excellence, leadership, and service within the beta delta chapter.  As the new secretary, I hope to be a resource not only to our new class of inductees but also to new pharmacy students who do not yet know about Rho Chi. Our current executive board looks forward to bringing together students, faculty, and the community to continue to recognize intellectual achievement and advance pharmacy.


Guang Mei Fung, Historian:

I am excited and honored to be part of the executive board for Rho Chi. I look forward to working with my accomplished colleagues to continue the success of the Beta Delta chapter here at St. John’s. I am confident that we will uphold this reputation and will be able to promote academic excellence, leadership, and service of the pharmacy profession. Congratulations to all the inductees.


Sang Hyo Kim, Media Coordinator Relations

I’m really happy to join the executive board this year! By writing for the Rho Chi Post since my freshman year, I hope I can be helpful in bringing more updates in pharmacy to Rho Chi. As media coordinator, I promise to work hard with my fellow E-Board members and inductees, and to make a great 2016 year.

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