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Rho Chi Executive Board Member Insight: Yining Shao

By: Mohammad A. Rattu, Pharm.D.  [PGY-1 Resident at VA NYHHS]

We sometimes need to step back and look at our foundations for success.  Clearly, without the support of past and present Rho Chi executive boards, there would be no Rho Chi Post newsletter.  From our May to September issues, we will learn about each of our local chapter’s board members on a more personal level.  Our insight will predominantly include their nicknames, hobbies, favorite quotes, reasons for accepting the Rho Chi invitation, and motivations for becoming part of the executive board.

Our third executive board member insight is with Yining Shao, current fourth year student pharmacist and President of St. John’s University’s Rho Chi Beta Delta chapter.

Q: We all have nicknames, for one reason or another.  What have people called you, either in the past or right now in college?
A: I used to use the English name “Nick” when I lived in West Babylon because no one there can pronounce my name.  If you call the CVS where I work, ask for Nick! 

Q: Never would have guessed that! What are some of the things that you like doing outside of pharmacy?
A: I enjoy reading, especially books about religion.  C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors.

Q: I am sure that the Doctor of Pharmacy program also provides you a ton of literature to read. Ha-ha! So, what is your favorite quote?
A: My favorite quote would be: “Ideas are bulletproof,” which is from my favorite movie, V for Vendetta.

Q: Interesting – I have heard many quotes about “ideas,” and I was unfamiliar with that one! Now, when you received an invitation to the Rho Chi Academic Honor Society, why did you accept it?
A: Just like Aleena (back in Issue #8), I thought, “Why not?”  I felt the need to become more involved in my field, as pharmacy is more of a career than a job.  I knew that it would be beneficial to join any pharmacy-related group, especially Rho Chi.  The organization simply has so many successful members, such as you Mohammad!

Q: Indeed, we tried (and continue to try our best) to keep our Rho Chi chapter successful!  Finally, what was your impetus for applying to an executive board position?
A: I wanted to have an influence on the success of my profession.  If I feel Pharmacy school is “boring” or “tiresome,” it is my own responsibility to make it not so.  I dislike being in an organization and feeling powerless to change something that I feel is not right.  On the other hand, I also love being in the middle of all the action and excitement.  I thought, “What better way to immerse myself in pharmacy than to take on more responsibility in a pharmacy organization?”

We thank Yining for taking the time to provide us with this insight, and look forward to highlighting the other Rho Chi executive board members.

If you have any additional questions for Yining, please email him at [email protected]!

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