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Congratulations to Dean Mangione and Dr. Zito

Dear Readers,

The Rho Chi Post Editorial Board wishes Dr. Robert A. Mangione and Dr. S. William Zito our warmest congratulations on their recent appointments as Interim Provost and Interim Dean of St. John’s University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, respectively.

Dr. Mangione, affectionately known as Dean Mangione by students, is a well-respected and beloved faculty member who will now be the face of St. John’s University.  Dr. Zito, the driving force behind the Rho Chi Post, is both an advocate and mentor for numerous students through the Rho Chi Beta Delta Chapter and his research laboratory.  Their new roles speak volumes of their character and it is a great credit to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to have such dedicated faculty members.

These promotions follow the decision of St. John’s University’s current Provost, Dr. Julia Upton, to step down as provost to continue her role as a well-distinguished Professor of Theology.  Dr. Upton will also hold the title of Special Assistant to the President, Rev. Harrington.  Dr. Mangione and Dr. Zito are expected to hold their new positions until such a time when the Provost Search Committee, headed by Dr. Michael A. Simons (Dean of the School of Law), completes their search for a new candidate for the office of Provost.

It is our pleasure, as editors of the Rho Chi Post, to recognize the continuing outstanding achievements of Dr. Mangione and Dr. Zito to the university community.  We thank them for their continued support of our newsletter and wish them the best in their new positions.


The Editorial Board

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