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LEADS Initiative

The LEADS Initiative is a pilot program developed in 2022 as a collaborative project between the Rho Chi Post Newsletter and the Rho Chi Honor Society – Beta Delta Chapter. The goal of the LEADS Initiative is to provide an academic mentorship program for pharmacy students to promote scholastic excellence, ethics, service, leadership, and an increased sense of community. The LEADS Initiative provides pharmacy students with an opportunity to pair up with a Fifth-Year Rho Chi LEADS Mentor to partake in program activities and promote professional development.

L: Leadership
Leadership is the principle of the entire initiative wherein a Rho Chi member “leads” an individual/group of mentee(s) in various activities throughout the school year to aid in professional development.

E: Ethics
Ethics is a valuable characteristic held by all healthcare professionals to promote the highest level of care indiscriminately to all patients. The program offers students the opportunity to speak with faculty from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to learn more about the role of the pharmacist.

A: Academics
Students develop academically by having the opportunity to work with the Rho Chi Post Editorial Team to earn a national publication featured in the Rho Chi Post Newsletter.

D: Development
Professional development is important for all student pharmacists as they move through the pharmacy program. Students have the opportunity to network with faculty and alumni and learn more about different career paths in pharmacy practice by attending Rho Chi’s semi-annual Coffeehouse Chats.

S: Service
At St. John’s University, service is an important value bestowed upon all university members. This initiative provides multiple service opportunities each semester to allow students to impact and connect with the surrounding Queens Community.

The LEADS Initiative plans to recruit new mentors and mentees during the  beginning of the Fall Semester of each academic school year. For more information about the LEADS Initiative, look out for the Rho Chi Honor Society/Rho Chi Post table at the Fall Semester Activities Fair, as well as for email communications from the Rho Chi Honor Society via the College of Pharmacy and Heath Sciences email. If you have any questions about the LEADS Initiative, do not hesitate to email the Rho Chi Honor Society at [email protected]. You can also reach out to either of our organizations on Instagram by following us @sjurhochipost or @rhochi_sju.

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