Do You Know Your Organizations?: SCCP

      The St. John’s University Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP) is an organization for anyone interested in pursuing clinical pharmacy after graduation. Clinical pharmacists work directly with physicians and other healthcare professionals in order to properly assess the use of medication and ensure the best possible patient care. 

SJU-SCCP is nationally recognized by its parent organization, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), and is one of the first 12 recognized student chapters in the country. The organization focuses on small group interactive learning through a “Clinical Workshop Series” in order to prepare St. John’s student pharmacists for careers in clinical pharmacy. SJU-SCCP has also set up a novel peer-mentoring program, the first of its kind, for students of all professional and pre-professional years.

Some of our events include Guest Speaker Panel, Student Research Showcase, and Clinical Workshop Series. The Clinical Workshop Series occur at the end of every general body meeting and students are split into groups where they have they have interactive sessions regarding important skills needed for clinical pharmacists. How to find and use guidelines and interpret lab data are among some of the past topics of discussion

SJU-SCCP is an organization determined to provide the resources necessary to produce student pharmacists ready and able to step into the world of clinical pharmacy.


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