Do You Know Your Organizations?: DIA

The mission of the  Drug Information Association (DIA) Student chapter is to cultivate an awareness of opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry and public health needs for PharmD and allied health professions candidates. Goals of the chapter include: informing student members of opportunities that exist within the pharmaceutical industry, providing tools to facilitate student members in taking steps towards personal career goals, and contributing in a global network of professionals working to create innovative ideas that meet public health demands. The DIA student chapter hosts many on-campus workshops including CV writing workshops and presentations by industry guest speakers. Last year, the DIA invited guest speaker Jason Lee, a SJU alumnus who joined Actavis Pharmaceuticals shortly after graduating, to share his career experiences. DIA members also attend seminars around the country that are designed to broaden knowledge about the latest developments of the pharmaceutical industry and serve as invaluable networking opportunities. For more information, check out the DIA Student Chapter Facebook page at:

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