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The Unsung Heroes

By: Steve Soman, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As Americans, we often admire the courage and sacrifice of the men and women serving our country in the armed forces.  As members of the pharmacy community, we admire the professionalism and achievements of our colleagues making outstanding accomplishments in their respective practice settings.  However, often I think we overlook a special niche for pharmacists, members of both the pharmacy community and the armed forces who sacrifice much more than many and play a critical role on the forefront of disaster relief and medical relief programs yet often do not receive the recognition they deserve.

Thus, it is my pleasure and privilege to depict pharmacists and technicians who work tirelessly in the armed forces of the United States and other nations while representing the core values of a pharmacist in their honesty, integrity, and accountability while delivering quality patient focused care with genuine leadership skills, professional ethics and morals, cultural competency, and substantive commitment to the social needs of the communities they serve.  The following pictures are from the Joint Task Force based in Bravo Soto Cano Airbase in Honduras; the Australian Defense Force medical team who participated in Operation Pakistan Assist; volunteer pharmacists who served with Medical Wings International in Haiti relief programs; and The Mission Transition Task Force Health Services Unit of the Canadian Army.  These pictures truly expose us to a unique path in pharmacy where few dare to tread but the rewards and potential to change lives are indescribable.

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