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Student Pharmacist Star of the Month: Jaclyn Scott

By: Marie Huang

Every month, Rho Chi Post has the wonderful opportunity to sit down with an inspiring leader among the student pharmacists here at St. John‘s – someone who is not afraid to stand apart from the crowd and can be the change he or she wants to see in the world.

This November, Jaclyn Scott, a 5th year PharmD candidate and Vice President of Phi Lambda Sigma, talks about leadership and provides some sound advice to students of all years.

Q: I understand that you’re involved in APhA-ASP, Rho Chi, and Phi Lambda Sigma on campus! Tell me a bit about how you started off. What influenced you to make these choices?
A: Well, I first got involved with Student Government as a sophomore representative. I loved having that connection to the other students on campus; so, from that experience, I decided to become involved with pharmacy organizations. Phi Lambda Sigma, Rho Chi, and APhA-ASP, especially, are great ways to enhance what we are learning in the classroom. They also facilitate interactions with pharmacists and other professionals. I feel that being a pharmacist is more than just knowing a lot about drugs; it’s about being a leader in the profession. Developing leadership skills as a student pharmacist is very important for our future career!

Q: It seems you started became involved at the perfect time! I’ve spoken to a lot of freshmen and sophomores who think it’s too early or that they don’t really have a place in these professional pharmacy organizations. What is a great way to step out of this notion? Is there any way they can become involved as pre-professional student pharmacists?
A: I think the sooner they get involved, the better! Start building resumes now! I would definitely advise first and second years to get involved with APhA-ASP. There is a lot for pre-professionals to do there, and becoming involved now will provide them opportunities to be considered for Phi Lambda Sigma and other pharmacy organizations later on. Since the class workload is lighter for pre-professionals, I encourage them to get involved with any cultural,
political, religious, or athletic organizations that interest them.

Q: Certainly, pre-professional years are the best years to join a non-pharmacy-related organization. Having another passion or extracurricular activity to place onto your resume or CV shows potential employers that one is a well-rounded person. What kind of jobs did you take on as sophomore representative? And have you been active in anything off-campus?
A: As a representative, I was able to get involved with the administration and faculty to assist in decision making. I would address student pharmacists’ concerns to the floor of student government. The pharmacy representatives and I usually fought for specific issues, like to receive more printing money and to get back finals week. Off-campus, I’m part of a breast cancer fundraising team… when I’m not studying. *laughs*

Q: Sounds like as students or as pharmacists, there is always room for advocacy! You mentioned leadership playing a vital role in our profession. Do you have anything to say to all the fifth and sixth year students?
A: As a fifth year student pharmacist, I would say that one important thing I have learned is that grades in the classroom can only get you so far. Of course, studying is important because that is how we gain our clinical knowledge, but I believe that becoming well-rounded will truly make us professionals. As student pharmacists about to enter the career world, we should never forget that.

Q: Lastly, if you could offer one piece of advice to other student pharmacists, what would it be?
A: One piece of advice I have to offer is to develop good time management skills! It is so important to not take on too much at once. Having the right balance of study time and being active in organizations will be very beneficial during your journey as a stu-dent pharmacist.

Additional questions for Ms. Scott can be directed to: [email protected]

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