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Providing the Helping Hand

By: Maria Sorbera, AMSCOP at LIU, PharmD Candidate c/o 2013

Maria Sorbera is the President of the Rho Chi Beta Theta Chapter at the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy at Long Island University (LIU). She is a strong advocate of networking with fellow pharmacists, as well as the need for more unity in our profession. Ms. Sorbera would like to work with our chapter to promote interprofessional cooperation and unity. The Rho Chi student editors would like to thank Maria for her contributions, and for being a strong, progressive voice in our profession.
A famous American author, Alan Loy McGinnis, once said, ―There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed.” Helping student pharmacists do well in school, careers, or their personal lives allows us and our society to advance in unison. It is especially important for us to support others’ goals, whether they are our patients or colleagues.

My name is Maria Sorbera, and I am the president of Rho Chi Beta Theta chapter at the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Long Island University. I believe that assistance is a crucial aspect of the pharmacy profession. Teaching and mentoring future generations of pharmacists, counseling patients, and optimizing drug therapies are just some of the ways that we can achieve our objectives. As professionals, we help each patient succeed in his or her drug therapy, and this effect does not simply stop at that one patient – it continues onto the next. A pharmacist’s helping hand is never felt by just one person, whether it be a mother, father, grandparent, sibling, or friend. When patients achieve key pharmacotherapeutic goals, they live healthier lives that they can share with loved ones.

Similarly, through Rho Chi’s tutoring sessions, student pharmacists have helped others become successful. Each week, there are scheduled sessions, and students are able to make appointments, as well. At LIU, we are also involved in health fairs and fundraisers for various causes. Helping our fellow peers achieve academic success forms a sense of unity amongst the students – we are always there to lend a hand. I hope each member applies these learned skills in his or her future career, and continues to help others.

Overall, improving our patients’ lives will be a team effort. It is evident that pharmacists working toward a common goal will greatly improve patients’ outcomes. Through consistent communication, patients will also develop feelings of confidence and trust in our profession. My goal for pharmacy is a sense of unity, and I believe it will be achieved through our future generations’ pharmacists. By working together, we can become a stronger profession with a unique, clinical niche in society. Pharmacy will have a stronger voice, and its professionals are always willing to extend their helping hands.

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