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My Experience at American Regent, Inc.

By: Simardeep Singh, Pharm.D. Candidate c/o 2013

In February I  had the opportunity of doing an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotation at an industry site that did not involve me commuting to New Jersey. American Regent Inc. is a subsidiary of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals and operates out of Shirley, Long Island located conveniently off the Long Island Expressway. American Regent produces numerous injectable products and holds a major stake in the IV iron market thanks to their iron sucrose product, Venofer®.

My time at American Regent gave me a chance to look into pharmacy practice outside of the retail or hospital settings. The main focus of this rotation was Drug Information. Pharmacists on staff would answer questions, from patients and health care professionals alike, about their numerous products. I got a chance to research numerous on and off label questions about some interesting products such as dehydrated alcohol, methylene blue and various TPN additives.

At American Regent I also got a taste of the business end of pharmacy. Since Luitpold is a relatively small company, the Professional Services such as drug information and the Marketing Department both operate out of the same building. I was able to look through and proof some marketing material that was being disseminated to sales representatives as well as patients and doctors. To do so I had to read clinical studies and ensured that data included in said marketing material was accurate. I was also introduced to some basic considerations that are made by a pharmaceutical company when launching or acquiring new products.

Being at this industry site made me realize what the true potential of a PharmD degree can be. The professional services department  and the marketing departments, for both the company’s brand and generic products, are all led by pharmacists that hold MBAs. Luitpold Pharmaceuticals’ CEO, Ms. Mary Jane Helenek is a pharmacist herself.

All in all, my rotation at American Regent, Inc. was a unique and interesting experience. The  preceptor, Mr. William Fridrich, as well as all the staff was very helpful and accommodating. Time was set aside for me to meet with the research and development and the regulatory departments as well. I was even able to tour the manufacturing facility which is located on the same property. I would definitely recommend this rotation site to anyone even remotely interested in the business and manufacturing aspect of pharmacy.

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