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Inhaled Caffeine Under Investigation

By: Mahdieh Danesh Yazdi

A few months ago, a new product called AeroShot Pure Energy hit the markets in New York and Massachusetts.  AeroShot is a new inhaler that gives the user bursts of caffeine.  Each inhaler contains an estimated 100mg of caffeine, approximately the same amount as a large cup of coffee.  It also contains B-vitamins, sweeteners, natural lime flavor, citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate.  It was developed by Harvard professor of biomedical engineering, David Edwards, the same individual responsible for the chocolate inhaler, LeWhif (indeed, chocolate also is available as an inhalation). Breathable Foods Inc. is currently marketing the product.

Each inhaler contains about 4-6 puffs, and each puff translates into roughly 15-25 mg of caffeine.  The packaging of the product recommends that use be limited to three puffs daily.  The manufacturer boasts that AeroShot offers the benefits of caffeine in a convenient and calorie-free manner.  The FDA has not approved the product as it is as a “dietary supplement.”

Recently, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has asked the FDA to conduct an investigation into the safety of AeroShot.  The commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, has agreed to do the investigation and the manufacturer has promised to fully cooperate with the FDA.  Sen. Schumer expressed concern over the possibility that consumers may abuse the product, using dangerously high levels to stay awake as long as possible.  These fears are similar to those expressed over alcoholic drinks that were also caffeinated.  These drinks, such as Four Loko, have since been banned.  The senator also stated that the packaging of the product claims that is safe for ages 12 and up, but that the American Academy of Pediatrics has previously reported variable and dose-dependent effects of caffeine on children.  The manufacturer claims that it does not recommend the use of the product in those under 18 and does not market it to children.

We have yet to see if the FDA’s investigations will lead to any serious consequences for the marketing of AeroShot.


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