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The future of pharmacy at our fingertips

By: Gabrielle Flavoni, PharmD Candidate c/o 2018

Pharmacists have always been deemed one of the most accessible health care providers in the community, especially to those who cannot often travel long distances. Over the years, many retail pharmacies began offering delivery services for prescription medications, specifically for the elderly and disabled. However, delivery services are not always openly available for everyone and the services are sometimes limited. CaryRx, on the other hand, streamlines this pharmaceutical service to best fit the needs of every individual consumer.

CaryRx is a new and innovative company based out of Washington DC that is completely re-inventing the pharmacy world. The new company recently partnered with Postmates to act as a same-day delivery service to patients in the District area. Unlike many existing pharmacies, CaryRx is primarily technology-based. With the help of a phone application, patients and providers are able to streamline their pharmacy needs in the palm of their hand. Providers can send electronic prescriptions to CaryRx, who then provides same-day delivery. Similarly, if a patient has a paper prescription, they can snap a photo of the prescription and upload it to the app, also qualifying for the same-day service. Patients have the ability to upload their insurance information and payment methods onto the application as well, thereby allowing for clear communication of copays. There is also a built-in delivery tracker available for every order, with a map showing the route taken for delivery.

One of the first questions you may have is:  how much does this cost? CaryRx prides itself in providing its service at no additional cost to the consumer, and no delivery fees added. Pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer any questions or address any concerns both over the phone as well as via the app. CaryRx also has a store that patients can visit and fill prescriptions in-person, if they wish. They have contracted McKesson to serve as the primary wholesaler.

The one drawback that CaryRx currently faces is that it does not dispense any opioid medications. According to the founder, Areo Nazari, the logistics involved are too difficult to implement. However, all other controlled medications are eligible to be filled and dispensed with same-day delivery. Although this new era of pharmacy has a long way to go in terms of development, it already proves itself as the next big step in the pharmacy world.



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