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A Word From The Immediate Past Editor-in-Chief – Passing the Torch!

By: Katharine Cimmino, Co-Copy Editor [Content-Focused]

Dear Readers,

Working on the Rho Chi Post has been an amazing opportunity. Entering a science heavy program, I truly thought I would be putting my love for reading and writing on the back burner. The Rho Chi Post has allowed me to combine my passion for reading and writing with the art of my profession.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our faculty advisor, Dr. S. William Zito. He is our rock, and only through his dedication and encouragement are we able to publish a monthly, student-operated newsletter.

I would like to thank Dr. Mohammad Rattu, our behind-the-scenes technical support. He was one of the founders of the newsletter back in 2011 and is still actively involved today. Because of his tenacity and commitment, we were able to build an interactive website that increased our readership and accessibility on a worldwide level. Since the initiation of the website on February 12, 2014 we have had over 31,800 unique visitors and over 127,500 visits from over 105 different countries.

I would like to thank my fellow team members; each of who contributed innovative ideas that helped our newsletter become such a unique publishing platform.

I would like to thank my classmates and peers for their submissions, which gives the Rho Chi Post its diverse content. I am beyond grateful for the faculty members and administrators at the College of Pharmacy and Health Science for their help and advice.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you, our readers, for your interest in our publication. Your contributions, feedback, and comments are what drive our staff to take our newsletter to the next level! It is because of everyone’s support that the Rho Chi Post was recognized by Rho Chi Society and won a national award.

Please continue to be active and support the Rho Chi Post Team!


Katharine Cimmino

Immediate Past Editor-in-Chief

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